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Characteristic number 5 of an effective church: Mutual care.

Prayer: the fourth characteristic of an effective church. A short video with Alistair Begg

Here’s the third part of Alistair Begg’s series of videos looking at the essential characteristics of church life. In this video he looks at the sacraments (or ordinances) - I.e. baptism and communion.

Here’s the second video from Alistair Begg looking at seven characteristics of the Church. This time it’s fellowship

There are certain things for which we, the Church, should be known. Alistair Begg explores seven characteristics in a series of short videos. Here’s part 1, focusing on the Apostles’ teaching

Ever wondered what it means to pray in Jesus’ name? Here’s a really short, really helpful video on this question.

Lovely simple video about how to pray from Pastor David Skull from Grace Church, Guildford.

Voddie Baucham preaches from Ephesians chapter 2, and what the Bible has to say about racial reconciliation:


Do you sometimes question the relaibility of the bible?  Here's a real good short video, defending the truth of the Scriptures by RC Sproul.


Here’s a really helpful short video from Justin Peters talking about how our knowledge of God and love for God need to go together.

New thought provoking song from poet and URC minister Lucy Berry.


A quick encouraging thought on how we as Christians can respond to the global pandemic that is COVID-19


Here’s something a bit meatier and in depth that you might want to watch. In this video Chris Rosebrough talks about the central Christian teaching (doctrine) of the Trinity. It’s about 1 hour and 20 minutes long, but is highly recommended. Chris explores a number of heresies that arose in the early Centuries of the Church as people misunderstood the Trinity. He helps us to properly understand that God is one God in three persons.


Here’s some encouraging thoughts for this tough time of staying at home from Joni Erickson Tada.


All next week (Monday 13th to Friday 17th April there will be free broadcasts of worship and teaching sessions that would have been taking place during the annual Spring Harvest events. Here’s the link to a YouTube video explaining what’s coming up:

And here’s a web link to the programme of sessions on the Spring Harvest website:

The deeper Bible teaching sessions at 11.30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with Malcolm Duncan are recommended by Fred.


A really encouraging reflection on Psalm 124 today with Pastor David Skull of Grace Church Guildford.


Here’s a free book to download that encourages us to pray through the Psalms.


Another really encouraging hymn that reminds us that we can bring our concerns and worries to God in prayer. What a friend we have in Jesus!


Hope that helps.
A new article from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) that tries to give us some Christian perspective at this time of national lockdown. Hope you find this helpful.


Here’s a good solid daily devotional video from Grace Church in Guildford. If you’re into YouTube definitely worth watching and subscribing to the channel. They will be sharing a daily Bible Reading, reflection and prayer every day. My (Fred) intention is to produce at least a weekly video and printed reflection, but may well look at doing more if people would find it helpful?

God bless you all at this troubling time.

Daily Psalm 18 March 2020